I have found myself doing what hundreds of people do from time to time… freebie-ing. I love the thrill of the freebie chase, the mad rush of  filling in the spaces requesting name, address, family history, blood type… yada yada yada. But I’m really enthralled with waiting… waiting with bated breath for the mail truck to deliver those little forgotten prizes that I’d requested months and months ago.

However, I don’t like never, ever receiving my freebies!

Waiting for the mail and the only thing that faces me are bills and junk mail. That sucks!

I don’t know what happens to my freebies, but I really really want them; the beauty products, the bag o rags, the aspirin, the hair care products and such.

What gives freebie Gods? 

I correctly submit my info. I am patient and kind… but still no freebies.

So I ask again… what gives freebie Gods?

Le Sigh… I am ready to stage a freebie uprising, ready to bring my cause to the streets.

I. Want. My. Freebies!


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