It’s been a long time coming…


It’s been a long time coming  but I’m finally able to say that Letting Go will be on sale at all major e-book retailers by the end of next week. Yea, for me! I have worked on this book for what seems like a lifetime. I’ve re-written, re-titled, reread until it felt as if I’d go crazy, but I’m where I want to be with it now. Its funny, I remember doing my daily walks and thinking–Gosh, I really need to get back to Trent and Kayla now. Going around the track, I could actually picture them waiting for me– you know, sighing loudly, checking their watches, and doing the little hurry up motion with their hands (seems crazy, I know).

But as crazy as it seemed, it kept me motivated. There were times when I’d slack off but sooner or later they’d get me inline and I found myself right back at the computer with my huge mug of rapidly cooling coffee and jazz that I had to turn down real low so that I could focus.

So here’s to you, Trent and Kayla–thanks for the sighs, the glancing at the watches and the hurry up motions. Cause sometimes, I so needed them!


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