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Oh Bears…


Watching my beloved Chicago Bears last night was… not fun.  Losing 13-24 to the Detroit Lions was painful, but it is what it is. Cutler played hard, I give him kudos because he gets knocked down and gets right back up and Forte, what can I say (ha ha that rhymed!) played hard as well, but the Lions just played harder.

All I can say now is, Bears vs Viking… GO BEARS!!!


My first blog post… I’m feeling like a champion!

Hello world, you will be my sounding board. When I’m happy you’ll know it, when I’m frustrated you’ll know it, and when I’m a crazy twisty twirly combination of both– you’ll know it.




Hello world!

Almost ready…


Here’s a quick blurb for my soon to be released e-book, Letting Go. Hope you like it!

After a disastrous relationship Kayla Kerr has sworn off men. She has become a stanch, card-holding member of the “I don’t need a man” club but when she finds herself head-over-heels in lust she quickly discovers membership does not have it privileges.

Trent Grey is the incredibly sexy mystery man who has superstar status in Kayla’s hyped-up sexual fantasies. With his perfect body, smoky gray eyes and sinful smile she just can’t resist his pull.

But when Kayla discovers Trent’s a cop, she becomes plagued by disturbing flashbacks that threaten to destroy not only their budding relationship, but her sanity as well..

Letting Go 

The novel

Coming soon!